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Another innovation from Ozge Plastic who is the leader of the plastic packaging sector for approximately 30 years now! Ongoing R&D of Ozge Plastic has resulted with a future packaging which is been now offered to you, its esteemed customers.Our lifestyle is accelerates day by day, bear to witness of the developement of take-away food packages; it’s been an increasing request to have a suitable plastic packaging for the conventional ovens.As Ozge Plastic, we are manufacturing plastic containers that are suitable for hot filling and also for microwave usage. As our mission of “being the Pioneer of plastic sector” principle and requests from our customers, we are now presenting this new plastic container technologie to the world: CPET: a plastic food container for conventional ovens.Our new CPET product is easy to use for it’s customers with it’s resistance from the -40 Celcius of cold to +220 Celcius hot. Customers can heat up their meal, they even can cook them in the oven. Our CPET product serves a relaxed meal for it’s customers as a disposable packaging, with the aesthetic design of Ozge Plastic the meals actually turns into a feast.

Leading plastic food containers manufacturer Ozge Plastic changes the rules of the game once again!Unending R&D work of Ozge Plastic has leaded a new invention; a new perspective of a food containers has been introduced to the customers. Our company is the first manufacturer who used thermoformed plastic containers with metal lids, offers elimination of alot of problems with tin cans along with ease of usage with affordable prices.The requirement of barrier protection for the tin and glass cans make those products manufactured with thick and heavy raw material, resulting higher prices on the product along with higher costs for stocking; as an addition to those costs, printing and body sleeve applications on those products make the total costs even higher. Ozge Plastic designed its new product according those costs in order to reduce them with even a better product.Our new product has price advantage due to its lightweight and sturdy design, fully compatible with automated industrial filling systems which results no need of new investments for the filling procedures. Thanks to the barrier in the raw material of our product allows a long shelf life while being easy to use for end-customer with its opening holder on the metal lid. This new product meets the requirements of modern packaging, just like the new requirements of EU due to request of more hygenic packages; EU now starting to use transparent packaging for food. Next to those advatages, our new product is very suitable for sleeving technoligy; allows to make visually customised products for each customer in accordance with their desire. Also protected with a plastic cover over the metal lid, this cover and the special bottom design makes the stacking the products possible on top of eachother.

We will be attending as visitors to the 10th of Iran Plast Exhibition which will be held on 13th-17th of April 2016.

We will meet our partners in Interpack 2017! You are invited to our booth in the Processes and Packaging Fair Interpack 17’ which will be held in Dusseldorf on 4th-10th of May 2017.

We will be in Amsterdam for the PLMA’s World Private Label exhibition on 24th-25th of May, 2016! We kindly invite you our booth.

The West Pack 2016 exhibition which was on 9th-11th of February 2016 has been attended as visitors.

We will be attending as visitors to the USA ProFood Tech CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Exhibition which will be held on 4th-6th of April 2017. BOOTH:2341 / LAKESIDE UPPER HALL.

21th of International Packaging Industry Fair (Eurasia Packaging 2015) was between 22th-25th of October, we welcomed our guests as exhibitors.

The objective of Plastic Packaging UR-GE project which was organised by Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Union (IKMIB) is to make member companies have an easier access to foreign markets and improve their exports. Ozge Plastic is a member of Pack@Turkey organisation.

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